Tour Description:

Start your day with some authentic Malaysian recipe Roti Canai and Teh Tarik, a local breakfast many Penangites love. After breakfast, drive through the much talked-about STREET OF HARMONY, where you’ll find houses of worship for the four main religions on the same street. Witness the MAKING OF WOODEN CLOGS before taking a short break to taste a variety of the famous TRADITIONAL NYONYA KUIH. To make space for our next ‘makan’, we’ll go on a hunt for some of Penang’s famous STREET ART, as well as to enjoy a little traditional snack of peanut candy wrapped in Poh Pheah skin. At our next stop, taste the Penang Cendol, a famous Penang dessert that promises to brighten and refresh your day from your first sip! End this trip of famous Penang foods by learning the steps of making Penang Tao Sar Pheah.

PEN107 Makan-Makan Trail (Guided Tour)

  • • Roti Canai + Teh Tarik

    • Street of Harmony

    • Wooden Clogs Making

    • Nyonya Kuih Tasting

    • Street Art

    • Fresh Spring Roll Skin with Peanut Candy

    • Penang Cendol

    • Tao Sah Pheah making at Tean Ean Local Products



    * Tao Sah Pheah Making is for ADULTS ONLY.